Dr Pramodh Vallabhaneni

Academic Co-Convenor

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Dr Pramodh Vallabhaneni is a clinician-educator currently working as a Consultant General Paediatrician in Swansea (2014-present). He is the general paediatric clinical Lead at Morriston Hospital. Current academic roles include Lead for child health speciality attachment and pathways to medicine clinical lead at Swansea University Medical School. 

His past academic roles include Lead for Education and Innovation at HEIW School of Paediatrics (2019-21), Foundation programme director at Morriston Hospital (2018-22), and Local programme director (Paediatrics-2018-19). He was the editor of the Welsh Paediatric Journal from 2021 to 2023.

Wales Deanery awarded him Best Paediatric Educational Supervisor in 2016. Swansea University awarded him the Rising Star Award (2017) and the  Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award (2021). His research interests include formative assessments in medical education and medication error prevention. Swansea Bay University Health Board recgonised this work by awarding the Always Improving Award (2023) for preventing medication errors.

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